Best Jewish iPhone Apps

What are the best iPhone Apps with Jewish content? Here’s a quick rundown:

10.  Dreidel HD

By: Captain Moustache, LLP

“Jews young and old… REJOICE! Hanukkah has finally hit the iPad.” That’s right, Dreidel HD lets you virtually spin the dreidel for your chance to win the pot of shekels! “This is no ordinary dreidel – it talks, it spins with the slight touch of a finger and it keeps electronic score. Anyone can spin and anyone can win – you are the master of your own fate!” The perfect drinking game, or holiday game, whether on the go, or at home. Bring Dreidel HD home today and celebrate the Festival of Lights in style.


9. Shabbat by GPS

By: Tomer Even

Shabbat GPS shows the Shabbat candle lighting time and is calculated by a “sophisticated algorithm that computes the sunset by the GPS location according to the current time and the position of the earth according to the sun.” Perfect for any Jew on the go who is lacking a calendar, and needs to know what time he/she needs to be home by. Good Shabbos!


Best Jewish iPhone Mobile Apps
Best Jewish iPhone Mobile Apps

8. Kosher or Not

By: MoblinApps

Kosher OR Not is, according to the good folks at MoblinApps, “the application that every Jew in the world needs.” “Ever got to a restaurant abroad and had no idea if the fish you want to order is Kosher? From now on you can know!” Kosher or Not is ideal for Jews traveling in non-English speaking countries who aren’t sure how to explain to the waiter what ‘kosher’ means. With Kosher or Not, you don’t even have to ask, just consult your trusty app (available in Hebrew, English, German, French and Spanish) and it’ll take care of the rest. Keeping kosher has never been so easy.

7. Alef Bet iPhone

By: RustyBrick

As we all know, children love high-tech gadgets (and usually know how to use them better than us). Now, if you’re sick of seeing your kids play Angry Birds 24/7, there’s an app that’s actually fun and educational: the Alef Bet app. If you’re hoping for your children to learn Hebrew, the Alef Bet app makes it easy for them, using pictures, sound, animation, and a vivid interactive design that keeps them entertained, and learning, all at once.


6. iShofar

By: Levyware

An app that makes all the wonderful sounds of the shofar via your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Enough said.


5. Minyan2Go

By: goDaven

Minyan2Go provides access to over “4000 synagogues, shuls, minyans and shtiebels around the world,” making it easy for you to find a minyan when you’re lacking the right amount of people. Via GPS tracking, Minyan2Go provides all the info you need to goDaven.

4. Synagogues

By: Lost Tribe Apps

“Need to find a local Jewish community? Stuck away from home over Shabbos? Well you’re in luck. The Synagogues app uses your current location to find nearby congregations from a database of almost 5,000 shuls. This way, whether you’re traveling far and wide, and won’t be close to home in time for the holidays, or Shabbat, you can find a local community near you that will love to have you over. This app makes the international Jewish community one small, tightly knit happy family.


3. Jew Glass

By: RustyBrick

Jew Glass is the first Jewish app developed for the new Google Glass, forever changing the world people observe Judaism. “By pushing contextual, geographic-aware, and time sensitive data directly into your line of vision – JewGlass can help you remember things such as prayer time deadlines, where to find kosher eateries, what or what not to say while praying in synagogue and Shabbat start or end times. This is just the beginning, the practical applications are endless.” Unfortunately, it’s only available for Google Glass users.


2. JDate

By: Spark Networks USA, LLC

Judaism above all preaches the sanctity of community and family, and how else will you start a family if you don’t date? JDate, one of the most popular dating sites in the world, is there to help, connecting “smart, attractive and successful Jewish singles” find their one and only. With over 750,000 active members, sign up now to see if your ‘beshert’ is already online.


1. iTorah

By: Crowded Road

iTorah is the ultimate Jewish app, for those serious Orthodox yehudim, or reform, secular Jews that are simply curious and have never actually read it before, iTorah provides a complete English translation of the Torah, making it easy to read, and easy to learn. With thousands of comments and insights, there are several features to iTorah including interactive maps, multi-text view, sefer torah scroll view, audio lectures and more. No one’s saying to go all the way religious, but if you’ve never read it before, and are likely not going to purchase a physical one, here’s your chance to read the Torah in its entirely via your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

[From Shalom Life]