WeKast Standalone Presentation Solution

WeKast Standalone Presentation Solution

As anyone who often gives presentations knows, things can go wrong with overhead projectors. Almost nothing is more embarrassing than tech failure in front of a room full of people. After working at an Israeli accelerator mentoring international startups and entrepreneurs, Noemie Alliel decided to fix how speakers present by eliminating the setup time. A new product called WeKast is a standalone presentation solution designed to help you cast presentations to any screen with a mobile device.

The solution doesn’t require WiFi, cables or a laptop! Instead, you just plug it into a HDMI/VGA port and cast your presentation instantly. Noemie and WeKast launched on Kickstarter in late March and have 5 days left on the campaign.

WeKast Israel

WeKast is the only mobile-based professional presentation solution that completely eliminates the awkward set-up process while increasing mobility and engagement. WeKast was designed for a professional environment with mobility and simplicity in mind. Other wireless mobile solutions, like Chromecast or Apple TV, are great for watching movies or listening to music at home but we feel they are not suitable for business use due in part to lengthy setups. They need a 10-20 minutes setup for every change in meeting location, you have to repeat the process and connect to the local WIFI. Home solutions are impractical and unreliable for business meetings.

WeKast does not need any set up. It lets you connect without requiring a setup, an internet connection or even a laptop. If you still prefer to use your laptop, you can also do so without needing cables or adapters that ties you to one spot.


Our 2 steps solution could not be any easier:

1) Plug Wekast to any TV or projector using the HDMI or VGA port – WeKast acts as a WiFi router that communicates automatically to your phone or tablet.

2) Open the app and select a preloaded presentation. You can upload directly any files from your Dropbox or Google Drive. One click and you are presenting.

The app supports files into a mobile format keeping fonts, colors and videos intact. It’s also easy to preload presentations on your device from your PC. Just use our built-in PowerPoint plug-in to send files. Once you open the app, your presentations will be downloaded and ready to go.

I’ve used a WeKast prototype a few times already and it’s a GAME CHANGER!

With no wires, tech problems or hassle. You can smile, relax and engage with your audience. You got this.

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