Top Jewish Twitter Users 2016

William Daroff TwitterWilliam Daroff @daroff

Followers: 41.6K

Type: Politics/Jewish Washington DC and Vegan Food

Recent Tweet: “Scene at the 2015 White House Hanukkah Parties .”

William Daroff is Senior Vice President for Public Policy & Director of the Washington office of The Jewish Federations of North America (@JFederations), but he’s also become Mr. Inside the Beltway for the Jewish community. Some of his tweets are sent from inside his D.C. office, but most are tweeted from his table at the Char Bar kosher restaurant where a vegan burger is named for him, inside a policy briefing on Capital Hill or from the back of an Uber car.

rabbi-dan-ainRabbi Dan Ain @rabbidan

Followers: 54.9K

Type: New Age Judaism, NYC and Pop Culture

Recent Tweet: “Because Friday Night should be filled with good conversation, lit candles and rock stars.”

Preacher and connector, Rabbi Dan Ain gathers those who are open to being reached. He finds holiness in honest conversation, in the spaces where people can say what they really think and allow others to do the same. His latest project Because Jewish creates opportunities for our religious perspectives to be in genuine dialogue with our artists, our thinkers and our everyday lives.

rabbi-jason-miller-twitterRabbi Jason Miller @rabbijason

Followers: 26.9K

Type: Technology, Politics, Israel, Sports, Pop Culture and Humor

Recent Tweet: “The menorah bong makes Hanukkah a high holiday”

A Rabbi who’s also a Blogger, Writes for Time & Huffington Post, a Social Media Marketing Entrepreneur, Owns @ Technology & @.

aipac twitterAIPAC @aipac

Followers: 54.7K

Type: Israel and Politics

Recent Tweet: “Product Labeling: The Newest Attack on

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States.

Peres-Official-PictureShimon Peres @PresidentPeres

Followers: 58K

Type: Israel and Peace

Recent Tweet: Tomorrow night, the people of Israel will be able to celebrate #Passover safely and peacefully thanks to your hard work #IDF

The former Israeli President Shimon Peres and nonagenarian keeps is no longer active on Twitter (which means his staff isn’t), but it’s still a fun account to check out.


jewish-tweetsJewish Tweets @JewishTweets

Followers: 57.1K

Type: Jewish News and Lifestyle

Recent Tweet: “Reminder for : Light your menorah first with the blessings. Then the Shabbat candles and prayers.”

JewishTweets is a pretty good little blog, looking at contemporary Judaism and Jewish life in our crazy world. It’s worth checking out if you are interested in more religious-focused discussions than what you’ll get here at ShalomLife. But their Twitter feed is a great resource, pulling stories from the top Jewish sites around the web. Every story is either a celebration of Jewish accomplishments, important news, or just a great article about being Jewish. Jewish Tweets is simply a nice place on the internet to be, and you’ll always leave with a smile. Difficult to do sometimes in the cynical world of the internet, but Jewish Tweets does it.

estherk twitterEsther Kustanowitz @EstherK

Followers: 16.7K

Type: Jewish Women, Blogging, Humor and Pop Culture

Recent Tweet: “Now I’m on a plane in coach next to dudes with a fistful of slim jims who are talking a/b barfing on planes.

Esther Kustanowitz is a writer, blogger, and self described as “pretty darn Jewy.” Her Twitter is acts as a feed for the best articles out there for Jewish internet users more than anything else. She peruses the internet all day, everyday, finding interesting reads. Sometimes sweet, sometimes funny, sometimes thought provoking, Esther K’s recommendations are usually more than worth clicking, and always high quality.

rabbi-joshua-stantonRabbi Joshua Stanton JoshuaMZStanton

Type: Jewish Women, Blogging, Humor and Pop Culture

Recent Tweet: “Now I’m on a plane in coach next to dudes with a fistful of slim jims who are talking a/b barfing on planes.

Stanton is Assistant Rabbi at TBJ Short Hills. He’s also a co-Leader @, co-founder @, and a blogger at ‘s Religion Vertical.


aaron david miller twitterAaron David Miller @aarondmiller2

Followers: 12.9K

Type: Politics, Israel, Public Policy

Recent Tweet: “Talk of defeating ISIS/jihadis surreal. Can no more “win” war on terror than war on drugs/crime. Survive it w/values/security intact.”

VP & Distinguished Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Fmr. Middle East negotiator under Republican & Democratic administrations.

rabbi shmuley boteach twitterRabbi Shmuley Boteach @RabbiShmuley

Followers: 243K

Type: Politics, Torah, Israel

Recent Tweet: “Characterizing antisemitic acts as a response to something Jews did doesn’t explain antisemitism. It reproduces it.”

Rabbi Shmuley, who Newsweek & WaPo call ”the most famous Rabbi in America,” is a world-renowned author of 30 books, a broadcaster & a relationship expert.

Rabbi Phyllis SommerRabbi Phyllis Sommer @ImaBima

Followers: 5.3K

Type: Jewish Women, Blogging, Motherhood

Recent Tweet: “ we are available all day in the Kikar! Shave your head

Jewish mommy blogger Phyllis Sommer blogs and tweets about her family and their real-life Jewish living. She also writes heartfelt blog posts at SupermanSam’s blog — a blog she started about her forever-8-year-old son died of cancer. Rabbi Phyllis Sommer coined the hashtag #whatrabbisdo.

Ruth Messinger TwitterRuth Messinger @Ruth_Messinger

Followers: 47.3K

Type: Social Activism

Recent Tweet: “Wonderful to have my dear friend, extraordinary leader & winner visit today! “

President of . Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, AJWS works to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world.

Jewish Insider Jews Gossip

Jewish Insider @J_Insider

Followers: 16.7K

Type: Jewish Gossip, Washington DC, Social Life

Recent Tweet: “ at White House Hanukkah Party “

Part of the Jewish Journal of L.A., the Jewish Insider covers U.S. political & business news with a Jewish angle. Think of it as the Jewish version of Page Six. If you want to know which Jews were at the annual Hanukkah Party at the White House, the Jewish Insider will be your trusted source.

hadassah twitterHadassah @Hadassah

Followers: 4.4K

Type: Jewish Women and Israel

Recent Tweet: “Hadassah Hospital designed a course that alleviated stress and burnout among their staff. The results were shocking!

The power of women who heal. The power of women who advocate. The power of women who lead. The power of women for Israel. The Women’s Zionist Organization of America is an American Jewish volunteer women’s organization. Founded in 1912 by Henrietta Szold.

Rabbi David Wolpe TwitterRabbi David Wolpe @RabbiWolpe

Followers: 11.1K

Type:Torah, Spirituality & Politics

Recent Tweet: “Longest Birkat Hamazon of the year tomorrow. Shabbat, Rosh Hodesh, Hanukkah. Eat quickly.

Rabbi Wolpe is an author, public speaker and rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, California. Named the most influential rabbi in America by Newsweek Magazine (2012) and one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world by the Jerusalem Post(2012), Wolpe was named one of The Forward’s 50, and one of the hundred most influential people in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine. Author of seven books and a frequent television guest,

Jewish Forward TwitterThe Jewish Daily Forward @JDForward

Followers: 37.1K

Type: Jewish News

Recent Tweet: “The hit podcast Serial is back – just in time for

Covering Jewish news, opinion, life and culture.

reuven werber edutech jewish twitterReuven Werber @reuw

Followers: 2.4K

Type: Education/Technology

Recent Tweet: “Six ideas educators can use this Hanukkah from EDUCATORS21c |

Reuven ​Werber tweets about edu-tech. He’s the Pedagogy and Content Editor of the MOFET JTEC Jewish Education Portal and a member of the MOFET International staff. He also serves as the coordinator of educational technology at Neveh Channah HS for girls.

Tablet Magazine - Jewish TwitterTablet Magazine @TabletMag

Followers: 37.8K

Type: Jewish News and Opinion

Recent Tweet: “Why is the holiday of renewable energy:

Tablet magazine is an American Jewish general interest online magazine sponsored by Nextbook.[1] Launched in June 2009, it is the successor magazine to Nextbook.

yloveY-Love @ylove

Followers: 16.4K

Type: Hip Hop, LGBT, Music

Recent Tweet: “Garrison Keillor is making fun of Donald Trump. Again. LOL. it’s cute. He’s getting thrown out the race by Bush & Cheney.

Yitz Jordan: world changer, Jewish gay MC making positive hiphop. Soc. media dev-activist. My goal: to positively impact as many lives as possible.

kvellerKveller @kveller

Followers: 9.3K

Type: Jewish parenting advice and opinion

Recent Tweet: Hebrew names that are gender neutral.

jewliciousJewlicious @Jewlicious

Followers: 21.6K

Type: Hip Jewish Culture, Music

Recent Tweet: “Fresh Post- Stephen Colbert Celebrates The Third Night Of Hanukkah with Andy Cohen

Jewlicious is a grassroots organization changing the way young adults affiliate and participate in Jewish life.

Ambassador Dan ShapiroAmbassador Dan Shapiro @AmbShapiro

Followers: 25.4K

Type: Israel, Diaspora Relations

Recent Tweet: “Today, we can be more confident that this planet is going to be in better shape for the next generation.” —

U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

Rabbi LatzRabbi Adam Latz @RavMABAY

Followers: 1.7K

Type: Jewish Life, Spiritual Progressive Activism, LGBT, Torah

Recent Tweet: “Rabbi Jacobs: “I’m proud of how we’re making an important difference in a troubled world.”

Rabbi Latz has been Shir Tikvah’s Senior Rabbi since July 2009. He brings to the congregation boundless energy, heartfelt compassion, and commitment to fostering an authentic and engaging Jewish experience.

Rabbi Shmuly YanklowitzRabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz @RavShmuly

Followers: 1.3K

Type: Torah, Social Activism, Politics

Recent Tweet: “Heard about the inspiring leadership of Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, VP ?

Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz is the President & Dean of , Founder & President of , and the Founder & CEO .

Why is the holiday of renewable energy: